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Our 750 acres of paradise in Costa Rica

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750 acres of jungle paradise

Home to thousands of species of animals and plants, The Alóki Sanctuary is a beautiful oasis in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. If users play their cards right, the opportunity of visiting this exclusive sanctuary, or even owning a piece of it themselves, awaits them…

Explore real land of Alóki

After searching around the world for a perfect location, in 2019 we found this amazing land in Costa Rica. We set up a small company (MSL) and bought first 107,3ha with intention to create a great community. In 2020 we bought additional 228.4ha next to it to create a small piece of paradise for Alóki Regens. We know it sounds a bit too-good-to-be-true, so we want to share with you the information from land registry.

3D topological survey of land in Costa Rica
Faded image of jungle trees
Green mandala
Bright green jungle foliage
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A play-to-own metaverse experience, connecting blockchain with the Costa Rican jungle.

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